7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Part-Time Job in Hospitality Now You’re Back at University

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With the summer holidays over and the majority of university term times about to begin, many of you will be looking for employment opportunities and some of you might still be considering whether to commit to a job whilst at university.

Here at Michael Wisher, we would like to highlight the many benefits of having a part-time job with us now you’re back at university.

Extra Source of Income

Whilst not the only incentive, it can certainly be considered the most important. The extra money you gain from part-time work can help ease some of the financial pressures of university life by funding those expensive text books, other study materials, and university course trips. The added income can also contribute to paying your rent and give you the financial freedom to maintain a strong and active social life. 


This benefit comes from having your own disposable income. The ability to provide for yourself whilst at university is a massive confidence boost for any student. Not having to rely solely on your student loan or financial support from Mum and Dad is extremely beneficial for well-rounded, personal development. 


The ability to juggle paid work, university work and a social life is a skill that requires practice. Time management and organisation skills are highly valued by companies, and by working on these skills throughout university it makes your CV more attractive to potential employers after graduation.


Part-time work is a fantastic place to meet new people. This can be particularly valuable if you have recently moved to a new city. Having a job is a great facilitator for reaching out and making new friends which may initially seem slightly daunting. We employ hundreds of students at many events so you can be sure to find like-minded people in a similar situation to you by working with us.

You can also use work as a networking opportunity to meet people within the hospitality industry, or those aspiring to work in the same sector as yours.


By taking a part-time job at Michael Wisher you can fit your work around your studies and social life. Work as much or as little as you want, with shifts available throughout the week as well as weekends and during the university holidays. By choosing a flexible job you can ensure that your grades and social life do not suffer because of work.

Develop Your Soft Skills

Employers love transferable skills, and whilst you pick many up from studying and socialising at university, many soft skills are acquired in a workplace environment. Professional communication skills, demonstrating you can work in a team and the ability to work under pressure, are skills that you gain from part-time work that employers are looking for their employees to have.

Have Fun

Finally, at Michael Wisher we want you to work hard, meet new people, but to have fun whilst doing it. Here we offer you the chance to work at many of the country’s most prestigious venues and events. We provide a range of staff for well-known sporting venues including Wembley Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Ascot, Trent Bridge and Lord’s Cricket Ground. Working with us provides you with the opportunity to influence and experience these iconic venues and the atmosphere surrounding them during live events


If you are interested in joining the Michael Wisher team, please contact us today!