7 Types of People You'll Meet at Your Christmas Party

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christmas party
christmas party

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7 types of people you’ll meet at your Christmas party

The work Christmas party - an institution in itself. Always a night of unpredictable events, the one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll see some of your colleagues’ true colours. Every year there are a few characters that are guaranteed to make an appearance - take a look at some of the most common, and see if anyone springs to mind...

The Lightweight

There’s always one who can’t hold their alcohol. With the almost enviable ability to be tipsy after a single drink, there’s no chance of an expensive night for them. The telltale signs of The Lightweight include swaying out of time with every song and a lot of hugging. They’ll be in a taxi by 10.30pm and won’t remember anything after their second shot of tequila.

The Shot King/Queen

Speaking of shots, the next character is a huge fan. No sooner have people started to edge onto the dancefloor is this person ordering a round for the room, insisting that everyone partakes or it will “make them sad”. There are few people more generous than the shot enthusiast, as they signal to the bartender for another row of 12 and there’s a roar of cheers from the crowd - but their wallet won’t thank them for it in the morning.

The Romancer

This is the one who turns into a regular old Romeo whenever they let their hair down. Overly flirtatious with everyone in the vicinity, you can expect terrible chat up lines and wandering eyes.

The Brown-nose

This one sees the evening as less of a party and more of a networking event. They’re only focused on trying to impress those at the top, and they’ll try incredibly hard to do just that. Laughing at all the boss’s jokes, and always quick to get the next round of drinks in (if it’s for someone with influence),

The Crier

Whether it’s sobbing over their ex or tearfully declaring how lucky they are to have a friend like you, there’ll definitely be tears on the cards from this one. When they ask to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ after their 6th glass of Pinot, it’s best to politely decline and make a run for it, unless you want to be dishing out the tissues for the rest of the night.

The Gossip

Dying to know all the secrets of the office, from who’s hooking up with who to who’s on the lookout for a new job? Then you can count on The Gossip to fill you in on everything. After a couple of drinks they can’t help but spill all the details, prefaced by an unsubtle “Don’t tell anyone, but…” Who knows what you could find out?

The No-show

And of course, there’ll always be the one who claims they’ll definitely be there and absolutely can’t wait, only to cancel at the last minute. And no one will be surprised - after all, they’ve been planting the seeds all week with potential excuses, and they never go to anything anyway.

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