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Employee Testimonials

What's It Like to Work for Michael Wisher?

Working for Michael Wisher can be a challenging, unpredictable, but ultimately highly-rewarding experience. But don’t take our word for it. We chatted with some of our recent starters after they finished their first shifts.

We wanted to know – how did they find it? Was it what they expected? And most important of all – will they be back for more?


“I found my initial experience to be exciting, busy, but manageable. Working at one of the Michael Wisher events has given me more confidence, and by meeting so many different people, I now know how to deal with almost any situation. I loved working as part of a team, but I enjoyed working with the customers the most.” Jessica Starns, Team Nottingham (Dec 2015)


“Working at the event was wonderful and I loved the experience. Our team leader was great and I had a very good experience as the teammates were friendly and supportive.” Lucy Anefu, Team Derby (Dec 2015)


“I found my initial shift to be calm and well-coordinated, and the atmosphere was a bit challenging but not stressful." Carlton Kerr, Team London (Dec 2015)


 “My first Michael Wisher shift was also my first ever experience of the hospitality industry. Above all, I enjoyed the camaraderie of working as part of a team, which created such a good atmosphere that my enthusiasm never dipped.” Isaak Freeman’s, Team Derby (Dec 2015)


“I found the experience interesting, but a bit challenging at first. I enjoyed the team work aspect above all. Not only did I enjoy working with her colleagues, they made me feel alive. I made a lot of new friends, and the team leader was fantastic!” Oluwatosin Dare Olukoya, Team Derby (Dec 2015)


“The best part of the shift was seeing the satisfaction on his customers’ faces. It was stressful when I had lots of customers to serve, but then a team member came and opened another till. But above all, I value the chance to build up experience in hospitality without a lengthy training session.” Nicholas Stones, Team Derby (Dec 2015)


 “The friendly people at the event made the job easy. Being able to make friends and have fun while working was the best part of the shift, but I enjoyed all of it!” Tyrelle Morris, Team London (Dec 2015)


“I consider myself lucky because most of the time I was working with great team members. The most challenging part is when you have to adapt yourself in a new place. Throughout the night I completed tasks such as: table service, clearing, taking orders, cashing-in and cashing-out.” Onur Odem, Team Nottingham (Dec 2015)


So there you have it! Working for Michael Wisher can be challenging, but no matter how demanding things get, you’ll always be able to rely on your team to see you through. It should come as no surprise, then, that almost everyone we spoke to told us that even after their very first shift, they’d already made new friends.

If you’d like to join the Michael Wisher team, click here to fill in our online application form.

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