New Year, New You – 4 Reasons Why The Hospitality Industry Should Be Your New Career Choice

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With the new year now fully underway, many New Year’s resolutions will already have been broken. A career choice or a career change is one of the most common resolutions people make. At Michael Wisher we want to help you keep your resolution by illustrating why the hospitality industry is the perfect career choice for 2018.


Escape the daily grind

Much of what people dislike about their current employment is the Monday to Friday routine that can be rather dull. A career in hospitality whether temping or in a permanent position offers you flexibility. If you’re the type of person that dislikes waking up at the same time each morning, heading to the same office and doing the same work every day, then the hospitality industry is for you. Working outside of the 9-5 rat race means you are not beholden to work and the variety of your work keeps you fresh and engaged with your employment.


Long-term potential

Many people discredit the potential a temporary job can have for your long-term stability and growth. However, a temporary job is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door to a host of companies. Working hard and showing initiative can only enhance your future prospects. Whether that is developing and practising a strong work ethic or demonstrating that you are capable of stepping into a role should a permanent position arise, temping is a good way to tell your employer, I am worth a great deal to your company.


Reference builder

Changing careers in the New Year and stepping into a new industry can be rather daunting. With a temporary job in hospitality you have an easy route into the industry and a great foundation to start building contacts and references. A strong reference is vital for any job progression and hospitality is no different. You can expand your network and even if you decide a sector of the hospitality industry is not for you, then you will still have an employer that will endorse your skills when you are job hunting.


Build a strong CV

A varied CV shows strength and depth to an employer and the hospitality industry offers you a huge range of positions and roles to help you construct the best CV possible. With such scope within the hospitality industry you will never find yourself restricted to one niche. You could be serving cocktails at a music event one month, and assisting a tour guide on a city tour the next month. Temping gives you the flexibility to earn money and fill gaps in your employment history whilst you decide what career path to take.


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