Professionalism in the Hospitality Industry

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At Michael Wisher Associates, we specialise in supplying our clients with the personnel they need to make their events a success. We work with bartenders, chefs, waiters, mixologists, and hosts – all of whom fall under the wide umbrella of “hospitality staff”.

When recruiting, we know that experience will only get you so far. We know that a positive attitude and a willingness to learn counts for far more than any amount of time spent behind a bar.

But that’s not to say that our staff don’t know what they’re doing. Before they’re sent into the field, every member of our team undergoes an extensive training programme in which we strive to familiarise them with the acceptable standards of professionalism in the hospitality industry.

These are the qualities that we look for when recruiting:

  1. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to “read” situations
  2. A quick learner, able to acquire not just the specific skills required for each placement, but also the sort of things that are required for every job, such as knowledge of safety and security protocols
  3. Flexibility, and a strong ability to adapt to chaotic and ever-changing environments
  4. Team players who are also able to display initiative and take individual responsibility for their actions
  5. People skills, with the ability not just to stay cool in the face of challenging customers, but also to commune with people from all backgrounds and all walks of life

The hospitality industry is one in which high standards of professionalism are vital to success. We understand that any personnel we send to your event will be viewed as direct representatives of your company and your brand. For this reason, we are committed to only recruiting those who we know will do us proud.

For more information on how a team of Michael Wisher hospitality staff can help make your event a success, call us now on 02087 403 100, or 01159 811 000.