The 6 Biggest Benefits of Part Time Work Experience

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Across the country, there are almost 8,000 multi-skilled workers on the Michael Wisher team. Many of them are students, who want a flexible work schedule that will enable them to earn while they learn. But on our books we also have lots of people who have other reasons for seeking part time work.

Indeed, whether you’re looking to enhance your existing career, or kickstart a whole new chapter of your life, part time work in the hospitality sector offers a huge range of benefits.

1. Extra Income

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. If you’re looking for a boost to your existing income, or if you need an additional source of revenue to fund your studies, part time work can make a huge difference.

2. Flexibility

At Michael Wisher, we offer extremely flexible working hours to suit every lifestyle. We can give you work that fits around your studies, around your social life, or even around your existing job.

3. Meet New People

Many lasting friendships have been forged on the Michael Wisher team. But beyond that, if you join our ranks, you’ll interact with hundreds of people from all walks of life. From charity fundraisers to some of the UK’s most prestigious events, we’ve worked them all – and if you work with us, you’re certain to meet some truly fascinating people.

Which leads us to…

4. Learn New Skills

Through interacting with people from such a varied range of backgrounds, you’ll acquire the sort of professional communication skills that are valued in almost every career. Beyond that, the ability to think on your feet, and to keep your cool while working under pressure, are the sort of traits that are sure to impress almost any potential employer.

Or perhaps you’re seeking a career in the hospitality sector? In which case, part time work as part of the Michael Wisher team will allow you to sample a huge variety of hospitality roles, giving you a fantastic overall impression of the industry that will act as an unbeatable starting point for your career.

5. A Chance to Shine

Did we mention that we work at some of the UK’s most prestigious events?

We were the largest provider of temporary staff to the London 2012 Olympic Games. We’ve also sent teams to The Rugby World Cup, The Chelsea Flower Show, MCC at Lords, and numerous music festivals.

It’s a little known secret that these events simply wouldn’t happen were it not for the tireless and committed teams of temporary staff. So if you join the Michael Wisher team, not only can you be in the heat of the action at these events, you can also do your bit in helping to ensure that they go without a hitch.

6. A Chance for Adventure

Thanks to the sheer flexibility of our teams, we’re sometimes asked to do something a little…unusual.

We once sent a team to support a Formula One team on their European tour, and we were even once asked to send a team of serving staff to a royal household in the United Arab Emirates!

But even beyond these unusual requests, the hospitality sector is one that’s defined by its unpredictability. No matter where you work, and in what capacity, it’s always the case that anything could happen.

This work is frequently challenging, but trust us – it’s never boring.

So if you’re looking for a new adventure, just a few months with us will likely provide you with scores of stories to tell.

So if you’d like to join the Michael Wisher team, we’d like to hear from you. Get in touch now!