Time for a Temp Job in Hospitality?

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Is it time to temp?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in between jobs, waiting for that perfect position or trying to get back into work, unemployment can put a real strain on your sanity and burn a hole in your back pocket. What you need is something fun and busy, that helps you make new friends and contacts and offers the flexibility you need while looking for your next career move.temp jobs nottingham

Temporary work, especially in the hospitality sector, is the perfect move for many.  We explain why…

Variety… the spice of your working life

Temporary work in hospitality is varied, very varied. Forget the different events and functions you may be asked to work (which we’ll come back to later) hospitality work means you might be serving drinks, waiting on tables, marshalling at music festivals or cooking for a hundred hungry customers.

Then there’s the hours! You can forget the same old 9-5 that you might have done before; hospitality jobs allow you to work any and all hours so no two days are the same!

It’s great for your next permanent move too! Working a variety of jobs proves how you embrace change and how quickly you learn new skills!

Here…there and everywhere

As we mentioned before, with hospitality, you never know where you might end up. Temporary agency staff are used in restaurants and bars, international sporting events, five star hotels, celebrity weddings and much more. You might find yourself outside the main stage at Glastonbury or serving guests on a Mediterranean cruise, the world is your oyster and you might even get to eat oysters too.

Expand that social circle

Working in hospitality is a hugely social job and even more so when you’re working a variety of temporary assignments. You might keep seeing the same faces at weddings or spending a few days getting to know a new group at every event.  You may even meet your soulmate or future business partner, either way you can never have too many friends and you’ll make loads working in hospitality.temp jobs for students nottingham

Finance and flexibility

Let’s face it, if you’re looking for work in between jobs you’re mainly motivated by money. A brief spell of unemployment has taken a toll on your dwindling finances and you’re not about to get yourself in debt borrowing cash right now.  

Temporary work is a great way to get extra pocket money, fast! Then there’s the flexibility it offers. Request more hours when you need them, while you don’t have to compromise your own social calendar or holidays. It’s a great way to keep yourself afloat while looking for something more permanent.  

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