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Time to Call the Christmas Temps?

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For many companies the use of temporary staff is vitally important during the busy festive period. Temporary staff, particularly from an agency, give businesses access to, highly experienced and flexible workforce that can be handpicked for bespoke businesses in hospitality, retail, customer service and much more

Yet many still have reservations about using temporary staff.temporary hospitality staff

We explain why hiring temporary staff should be top of your wish list this Christmas

It’s the most demanding time of year for your business. Extra staff are needed who are flexible, hardworking and experienced and ready for the challenge. Sound familiar? Well this year, handpick Santa’s little helpers from a huge variety of talented temporary staff.

Hospitality Staff offer a huge amount of varied experience

Temporary staff come from a variety of backgrounds and consequently offer a huge amount of experience. In theory you could be hiring a workforce of silver service staff, award winning cocktail waiters, customer service extraordinaires or technological wiz kids. Many temporary staff have left professional and permanent backgrounds to enter the flexible and fun temporary world and all that experience is at your fingertips this Christmas.

They are flexible, fast and convenient

Need some quick help selling tickets to Santa’s grotto? How about extra hands for a huge Christmas sale? When you take on temporary staff you get the help you need, fast!

They are energetic and hardworking

The last thing you need at a sales promotion event are lazy and scrooge-like staff.  Most temporary agencies will hand pick the perfect staff, for your event, based on experience and personality traits. Expect to receive a squad of energetic, happy helpers that work hard and serve with a smile.

They could become a permanent fixture

Think of hiring temporary staff as a trial or even an interview. Many staff started out as regular temporary staff that went on to have a huge impact. Hiring temporary staff gives you the opportunity to take a look at what could be the future of your workforce after the madness of Christmas.

Hiring temporary staff is much more than just an extra pair of hands. Get in touch with us today to hire temporary hospitality staff. See our corportate event staff page for more info.


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