The Top Five Personality Traits to Have in Hospitality

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Working in hospitality and events can be a lot of fun, and can lead to a lot of a great opportunities and experiences for those lucky enough to take part. However, the hospitality industry can also be tough and put staff under a lot of pressure, so it’s important that those employed in it have the skills and abilities to cope.

As a leading UK hospitality recruiter we know how important it is that every member of staff has the right personal qualities to handle any event. Here they share the top five personality traits that every hospitality employee needs for working in the industry…

1. A team player… A team leader

When working in hospitality, there’s no guarantee who you’ll end up working with, so the part you play in a team can also play a big role in the success of the event. If you’ve got the skills and the patience to work in any group, large or small, and be forward thinking enough to help out a teammate under pressure, you’re sure to do a great job in hospitality. Knowing how to utilise your teammates, work with others to resolve complex issues and support your group in a busy, crowded environment is a personality trait that can make a big difference to the way you work.

2. Time is everything

Although we’ve all had days where time just slips away from us, being a generally punctual person is great skill to have when applying for a role in hospitality. Not only does punctuality help to keep the event running as smoothly as possible, it also proves your dedication to the role you’re employed in. Showing that you respect your employer enough to turn up on time, and to be exactly where they need you to be, can really help to impress your team, and demonstrate your reliability for future events.

3. Service with a smile

Enthusiasm is one of the most important personality traits to have when working in hospitality, as with so many people to chat to, it’s crucial to make a good impression. Showing enthusiasm for even the simplest of tasks can help add to the lively and happy atmosphere of the event, and can encourage guests to relax ‚Äčand have fun. Remember, your enthusiasm will be infectious, so not only will you inspire other staff members to feel excited about the event, you’ll also help attendees to feel happy. Enthusiasm and service with a smile will help you boost morale and add to the success of your event.  


4. Communication is key

As well as enthusiasm, you also need to have confidence in the topics you’re talking about. Even if the only interaction you have with a guest is to show them to the toilet, the clarity, knowledge and delivery of your communication needs to be impeccable to impress your employer. In-built social and communication skills are key for a successful shift, and help to keep escalations and misinterpretation to a minimum too.

5. Stay flexible

Throughout the average day of hospitality, you could be assigned a wide variety of roles, tasks and situations to work in, so it’s important that you stay flexible.  Making sure that you are calm and ready for anything, is crucial for a successful event, and is a great way to show off your capacity for new responsibilities and challenges. A flexible staff member is always going to be a great help at a busy event, and it’s a personality trait that many employers and agencies will look out for in interviews. Make sure your helpful and willing attitude shines through at every stage of your application.


Although previous experience and niche bar-tending skills might help you in some areas of hospitality, having these personality traits is much more likely to impress your future employer. If you think you might have what it takes to handle the exciting and dynamic world of hospitality, what are you waiting for?