Top Tips for Organising Your Business Event

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Stuck for ideas on how to organise your big event? Here at Michael Wisher, we’ve provided businesses with event staff for over 40 years, and have seen our fair share of corporate planning. So, we thought we would share our top tips on organising that big industry event for your business, and help you keep your cool if things go wrong. 

Use as many local suppliers as possible

On the day of your big business event, the last thing you need is a traffic jam or travel problem keeping half of your caterers, musicians, and waiters trapped on the other side of the country with no way to work. Selecting sources and agencies close to the location of your event reduces the chance of staff delays, and keeps everything running smoothly on the day. Your food will be fresher, your employees won’t be travel tired, and your guests are sure to be impressed by your excellent remote organisation skills.

Check, double check and confirm everything

When it comes to event planning, whether you’re organising a birthday bash or a corporate country away day, the most important thing to do is to confirm absolutely everything. From the time your caterers will arrive to the taxi firm coming to take your guests away at the end of the night, each detail must be concrete and checked on the day. Take an hour or so the day before your event to make sure every detail, doorknob and drinks tray is going to be exactly where you need it to be.

Know your venue

Typically, when hosting a large corporate event, an extravagant location is a great way to draw in as many guests as possible. Tired of cramped office parties, these are potential clients and supporters who need to be impressed by the sophistication and scale of your event – so long as you know your way around. Always visit your location before you book, and request a guided tour to familiarise yourself with your setting. Not only will you become the ‘go to’ host for venue enquiries (even if just to show guests to the toilet), your knowledge and memory of the place will help keep the entire event running effortlessly.

Don’t forget the budget

Alternatively, if you can’t quite stretch your budget to grandeur, then it’s important to make the most of what you already have to hand. Propose a joint event with another company to split the venue costs, stick to caterers and entertainers within your budget, and utilise the skills of those in your employment. Perhaps there’s a skilled chef within your office, or a talented designer to create professional invitations? Only outsource where necessary, and always remember your budgetary limitations.

Publicise professionally

One of the most important motivations behind any corporate event is publicity. So prepare yourself beforehand to handle the media coverage smoothly. Having a few pieces and quote-heavy articles pre-written before the event is going to be a big help when speaking to journalists or bloggers, and can come in extremely handy when outreaching post-event. Invite your guests to leave quotes or summaries of the event to be used on your social media or company site, and encourage them to take as many photographs as possible to highlight the effort, work and fun that went into the day.

Underestimate your guest turnout

More drinks can be poured, more chairs can be found, and more food can be made. But there’s nothing more embarrassing than heavily overestimating the turnout of your event. Depending on the size of your guest list, at least 10% of it should be discounted from your final tally, and the remaining 90% should be catered for alone. Not only does this present a positive surprise when you receive more guests than expected, it also helps to reduce overstaffing, overspending and overexaggerating when it comes to advertising the event.


A corporate event can be a source of enormous stress, confusion and headache if planned poorly. So stick to our tips, keep your cool and your business bash should go off without a hitch!