What's it really like to work in hospitality

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Find out what it's really like to work in hospitality from our staff

Varied, fun, sociable, busy and different…Just a few of the words that typically describe working in hospitality but what’s it really like? Whether it’s bar work, hosting events, restaurant service or preparing food, the number of roles to suit every skills set is what makes hospitality so appealing.  Employees could be working anywhere around the world on cruise ships, holiday resorts or at large scale music and sporting events, hospitality work is the definition of variety.

So, what about the people working in the industry? What do they love about their job and what do they find more challenging? We speak to a few of our employees and find out what makes them tick…

“It has given me more confidence, by meeting so many people I know how to deal with almost any situation!” Jessica from Nottingham

It’s a common viewpoint shared by many who work in hospitality, not just Jessica. While there’s no doubt the ever-changing environment in hospitality takes some getting used to- it’s also a great environment for confidence building. You are faced with some demanding customers in hospitality and tasked to ensure their experiences are nothing but positive. It’s your personality and how you serve customers successfully, that will have the positive impact on your confidence. You will always know when you’re doing a great job too!


“I enjoyed the camaraderie of working as part of a team, they created such a good atmosphere and my enthusiasm never dipped” Issak from Derby

There’s no doubt that the people you work with have a huge effect on your job satisfaction. Luckily in hospitality you will never be short of friends and future contacts too. In fact, working in leisure and catering is one of the most sociable jobs you will ever do, in and out of work.

Hospitality is defined by team work and without it the more challenging functions and events just won’t be as successful. You will learn the importance of team work and morale while recognising your own strengths and how you contribute towards the team.

“I found work to be calm and well-coordinated, yes the atmosphere was a bit challenging but not stressful” Carlton from London

This won’t be breaking news…hospitality is busy but that’s something you will embrace. Whether you’re serving in a busy restaurant, helping to coordinate spectators or bar tending for 200 people at a wedding, you will always be busy. You can forget a career in the office chair; hospitality will always keep you on your feet and help you stay fit too. There’s not  many jobs on the market that offer such a wide variety of work, where genuinely no two days are the same!

“I completed tasks such as table service, clearing, taking orders and cashing out, learning lots of new skills” Onur from Nottingham

You’ll be surprised by how many skills you learn while working in hospitality. While your tasks will be very varied, from the manic kitchen to the bustling bar, you’ll also learn many professional and personal skills that always come in handy. Enhance your customer service, book keeping and cash handling experience while you’ll also improve your public speaking, confidence and negotiation skills too.

Is hospitality for you?

Like any job, hospitality isn’t for everyone. Yes, it can be tough, with late nights, early mornings and a hugely busy environment where you are constantly challenged. However, if you’re seeking variety, fun and job satisfaction where you are genuinely having a positive effect on customers and making new friends at the same time, then hospitality could be the perfect fit.