Why Invest in Event Personnel?

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So you’re putting on an event.

It might be for an evening, it might be for a weekend, or it might be for much longer. One thing’s for sure, though – you are now personally responsible for fulfilling the needs of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of patrons, guests, or delegates.

Whether you need wine pouring, beer serving, cocktails mixing, champagne serving, or a full silver service three course meal, you’re going to need some help.

You need a team that can deliver a consistently high standard of service throughout your entire event.

You need a team of people who are capable of keeping their cool in chaotic and ever-changing environments.

You need a team you can trust.

And that’s why you need Michael Wisher Event Staff.

But what makes us so special?

It’s partially down to our recruitment process. Put simply, we know that experience can only get you so far. Whereas other agencies might waste hours comparing the relative merits of CVs, we believe that the person is much more important than the paper.

When recruiting, we look for bright, enthusiastic, and outgoing individuals with positive outlooks on life – the sort of people who, even when the going gets tough, can still maintain their composure and provide high quality service with a smile.

But that’s not to say that our staff don’t know what they’re doing. Everyone we recruit goes through a rigorous training process that will prepare them for every conceivable eventuality.

So by the time they’re sent to your event, as well as their natural, winning personality, they’ll have extensive professional training under their belts.

That’s quite a combination.

And because we treat our staff well, they tend to stick with us for a while. This means that our teams can bring an unbeatable mix of strong personalities, expert knowledge, and the sort of insight that can only come from extensive on-the-job learning.

With a team of Michael Wisher event staff on your side, you can rest assured that your event will be a success. Whether we’re working with private individuals, small businesses, or large blue chip companies, we consistently provide the best.

If you’d like to book staff for your next event, give us a call, or email enquiries@michaelwisher.co.uk.