Why you should try temping in events this summer

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Whether you’re looking to earn a little bit of pocket money, make the most of the summer weather or want to make some new connections for the year ahead, working as a temp in events can be a really great way to spend your time this summer. We explain why…

Attend exciting local and national events 

If the festival scene is right up your street, then why not apply to temp at some of the biggest gigs in the country? Enjoy those long summer days spent working next to your favourite bands, 

stewarding by the stage or patrolling the campsites, all whilst soaking in that great festival atmosphere.

And what better way to spend your evenings than helping others to have a good time, at some of the most prestigious events in Britain, and getting paid for it in the end?


Learn new skills for the future

Working as a temp is great for picking up those transferable skills that all employers are looking for on your CV. Event work can be challenging, chaotic, and stressful, and will usually require you to take control of some bizarre and unexpected situations – ultimately teaching you how to manage a team, work with the unanticipated and perform at your best in high pressure situations.

Skills like these are great to have, no matter what career path you plan to take, and there’s always something to be said for a versatile worker.

Enjoy flexible working hours and reliable pay

One of the best things about working as a temp? Your hours can be entirely flexible, and you’ll only ever be asked to work on your terms. When working in events, temporary steward, catering and bar staff will typically be assigned hours during the main events themselves, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your summer.

And, with some competitively priced wages in your pocket, you can be even more adventurous on those sunny days off work.

Make new friends

Through working in events, you’re likely to meet so many new people, and the more hours you work together, the easier it is to bond. Spending time with other temps is a really great way to make new friends, and it can help to make the work a little easier too!

Networking with your new employers, and getting yourself noticed as a skilled worker can be a big advantage too, and might even help you secure future employment.

Boost your confidence

Just one summer of dealing with chaotic challenges, bonding with new people, earning your own wages and working hard to help others have a good time can be a massive confidence boost for all of our temps.

Not only will you have gained some valuable experience in the world of work, but you’ll also have some new skills to add your CV, some new friends to share your shifts with, and your own money to spend on having a really great summer.

If you’re looking for a little bit of extra work this summer, then why not apply for temping in events? You might just surprise yourself.